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Things To Love About Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Turnkey real estate investing is the easiest way to invest in real estate. For starters, it takes the least amount of time.

Many real estate investors are not investors in the strictest sense but simply have a second job in the real estate industry. The people out searching for distressed properties (foreclosures), making low offers on them, and then managing rehab projects are working incredibly hard to build their real estate portfolio. This is not a passive investment.

Real estate investors who manage their own properties are truly working a second job. They must find and screen tenants, collect rent and handle maintenance requests. It's also their responsibility to line up contractors when work needs to be done.

They might even have to go through an eviction process. When the tenant moves out, the investor must prepare the house for the next tenant and repeat the whole process. That sounds like a lot of work as well.

Turnkey real estate investors have it much easier, though. Their first step is simply qualifying for the mortgage. Step two is making sure to deposit rental income to the account from which the lender drafts mortgage payments.

Turnkey real estate investors can manage even a large portfolio in a matter of minutes each month.

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